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Comprehensive Marketing Campaign and How-To Videos Help DIYers
Find “A Wrench for Every Job”

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- To further solidify its position as the must-have line of lubricants, penetrants and specialty products, Liquid Wrench® announced it has redesigned its product line to be more educational and effective than ever before. In addition, the company announced its comprehensive, nationwide marketing campaign, including How-to videos, to educate professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) on how to select the right wrench for every job application. The innovative new packaging lets consumers check a seasonally-updated list of uses by texting a code from their mobile devices – right in the store.

“DIYers know one size doesn’t fit all and that there’s no one tool that can solve every problem,” said Aaron Martin, director of marketing for Liquid Wrench. “That’s why we have designed specific formulations to tackle even the toughest jobs. With the new packaging, reformulation and educational campaign, DIYers will have the confidence of knowing they have selected the right tool in every situation.”

Liquid Wrench’s All-Star Line-up Includes Two New Formulas
The reinvigorated Liquid Wrench line centers on six powerful products, each designed to solve a specific challenge. The line-up includes:

- Newly reformulated Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil quickly loosens corroded bolts, nuts and parts on hinges and clamps, frozen hose nozzles, stuck spark plugs on weed eaters or chain saws, for powerful performance without the powerful smell. For the first time, DIYers can safely spray a fast-acting, low-VOC solvent without having to wait for the odor to clear from the workshop. And, unlike alternative products, the new Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil formula will not eat the paint off cars and trucks, even while it cuts through grease and rust.

- The new anti-sling formula of Liquid Wrench Chain Lube stays in place to lubricate and prevent corrosion on fast-moving chains or wire cables such as the garage door opener. It’s even helpful on squeaky roller blades. Combining the premium performance of industrial-strength anti-wear additives with the safety of commercial products, Chain Lube reduces friction and prevents corrosion to keep industrial, agricultural and recreational chain drives protected and lubricated.

- Liquid Wrench Lubricating Oil stops squeaks and loosens sticking parts on locks, hinges, and garage door rollers; protects against moisture by drying out engines, spark plugs, coils, switches and wiring; silences noisy garage door, sticking hand/electric tools, squeaky rolling chairs and noisy ceiling fans and leaves a thin, long-lasting, rust-inhibiting film.

- Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray provides super slippery protection in a clear, non-staining film to prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, prevents moisture build-up in outdoor outlets and outdoor fixtures, repels off garden rake and waterproofs wood, rubber, plastic and metal; prevents snow and dirt from sticking to shovels; slickens snow blower chutes and inside of wheelbarrows; protects rubber gasket around car doors; protects sports and outdoor equipment.

- Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease provides long-lasting, heavy-duty grease coat for joints, hinges and connections and will not freeze or melt, even in extreme outdoor conditions including hitch balls and trailer hitch on vehicles, car hood hinges, and battery terminals.

- Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant lays down a long-lasting dry film to cut friction, extending life and protecting against water and corrosion – without staining. Multiple product sizes provide precision application safe for indoor use on slides and glides of windows and drawers, bed of table saw, vinyl window tracks, toolbox drawer slides, interior door hinges, sliding doors, cabinet hardware, closet rollers, bi-fold door pivots, locks, extension ladder; preventing corrosion on pocket knife, removing squeaks from overhead ceiling fans.

New Liquid Wrench Packaging
In addition to the reformulations, Liquid Wrench has repackaged its core line as well. The new campaign, including detailed copy on each can and a mobile texting program, is based on extensive consumer research, initiated during the 85th anniversary of Radiator Specialty Company, manufacturers of Liquid Wrench. The studies, conducted by Decision Metrics, helped uncover how DIYers select penetrating and lubricating products, and the importance of getting the right tool every time.

From these insights, Liquid Wrench developed new positioning centered on the premise that to get the job done right you need “a wrench for every job.”

According to Martin, “This A Wrench for Every Job position became the core message for everything from the logo and slogan to the advertising campaign. DIYers and consumers will see a new Liquid Wrench logo featuring an ‘expert’ carrying a wrench to depict professionals and consumers who embody this extensive knowledge about home improvement projects.”

Next Generation Packaging Featuring Mobile Texting
New Liquid Wrench packaging also plays off this idea by offering a special mobile text code – a first in the industry. Consumers now have the opportunity to enter the can’s code onto their mobile devices to receive instant advice while shopping. Within seconds, they will receive a recommendation from Liquid Wrench specifying the right product for their specific need. The information will be updated regularly so consumers have the recommendations they need for that season.

“The new packaging provides detailed information, supported by the ground-breaking use of seasonally-updated product information available by texting from mobile devices. No longer will consumers have to hunt to find a sales person to answer their questions or guess which product will solve their problem,” said Martin. “And, no longer will consumers mistakenly select Liquid Wrench versus an ‘all-purpose’ alternative.”

Consumer Education Campaign
The comprehensive marketing campaign encompasses a new Web site (, an advertising campaign, a consumer education program with How-to videos and a social media effort targeted to DIYers.

“Our goal is to enable DIYers to learn for themselves by providing accurate and timely information,” explained Martin. “For that reason, the Liquid Wrench educational campaign will be available over a wide range of formats and delivery options to help consumers easily determine the right wrench for their job.

“There are no made-up uses here, just practical, how-to information for real life, with step-by-step examples of Liquid Wrench in action and guided by experts in the field.”

Consumers ask their questions via Twitter and search engines online to receive practical advice from Liquid Wrench experts. Martin continued, “They can also visit the Liquid Wrench web site, enter their question in the ‘Solution Finder’ search box and receive an immediate answer that addresses their specific need. They’ll also find information on Facebook and how-to sites like YouTube, Daily Motion and VideoJug.”

Finally, consumers will be able to view valuable How-To videos posted on and other social media sites.

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